Jasper van Rijbroek

Professional PHP and NodeJS developer

Below is a list with my portfolio of projects I worked on in the past years.


This is a backend javascript architecture which allows you to get more things done in less time.

(Currently abandoned)

Raddish Homepage


Fluxana is a "webshop" created in Joomla with Magento as the shops backend connected by MageBridge. This whas a nice project to work on becuase of the custom created code.

Fluxana Homepage

Aurora Private Server

This is one of my longest and biggest passions I have had the pleasure of working on.
The project is a complete private server build in JavaScript for a game.

This project includes the complete game server (will still take 99+ years to be completed),
a websystem and a launcher for the gamers.

Aurora PS Homepage

AdeptGamer Launcher

This is an electron desktop app build for AdeptGamer,
it will allow the users to install games without any hassle.

The complete interface was written in React.

AdeptGamer Homepage