Finding a permanent place

One of the most important steps, but make sure you are quick. Houses go fast in Spain.

Congratulations on obtaining your NIE! Now that you've got the first step out of the way, it's time to find a more permanent place to live. While AirBnBs can be great for the short term, there's nothing quite like having a place you can truly call your own.

So, where do you start your search? Look no further than Idealista - one of the best websites/apps out there. With Idealista, you'll receive alerts when new options become available, so you won't miss out on any opportunities. But, beware - you're not the only one searching, so you'll need to act quick to secure your dream home.

When you find a place that catches your eye, it's time to "seal the deal". Some homeowners may ask for a small down payment, like 50 euros, to reserve the place. But, make sure that the contract you're offered is for at least 12 months and extendable by default. Some contracts may only be for 11 months without extension, which can make certain registrations more difficult.

Assuming all goes well, the homeowner will call their insurance to ensure that you're able to pay the rent. If they don't have insurance, they may request that you pay a few months ahead. But, be careful with this and make sure to negotiate acceptable terms.

Once the insurance has accepted you, it's time to sign the contract. But, before you do, make sure that the contract is correct and legal. If you're unsure, consult with a gestor who can quickly tell you if the contract is acceptable. In most cases, the contract will be legal and no problems will arise.

If the homeowner wants to sign the contract at a real estate agent, it's just for management of water and electricity. This can be a great option if you're new to the country and want someone to take care of these tasks for you.

After signing the contract, you'll finally receive the keys to your new home. It's time to start decorating and making it your own! And, don't forget to celebrate this exciting moment - you deserve it!

Hasta luego mis amigos!

Jasper van Rijbroek

Jasper van Rijbroek

I'm a PHP and NodeJS developer who was born in Amsterdam, NL but now lives in beautiful Valencia, Spain. I work remotely full-time and enjoy blogging about everything related to this wonderful country. Let me know if you have any questions about Spain - I'd be more than happy to help!

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