The conflict of projects

On June 13, 2022 in LifeGamingServer

So for the past 2 years I have been stuck between two projects.

Mainly Aurora (Mabinogi MMORPG) and Helios (MMORG) both have some nice features, but the problem is that I have to choose between these two and this is a very tough descision. As Aurora I have already poured about 5 years into the development of this server, and Helios as it is a smaller and therefore easier server to create.

But lets not forget gameplay and mechanics, as Helios is a racing game it is difficult to keep players from grinding for too long as it becomes monotonic. Aurora on the other hand has so many things to do which is a huge challange in terms of development as it will broaden the scope of the server.

In the beginning I was thinking about Helios to make a small server before my son was born, this however wasn't done before that time. And I was also gaining information to use in Aurora. But I think I have come to a time that I have to choose between one of these projects, and I haven't made a descision yet as it is a hard one.

Both projects give me a lot of joy and want me to keep on going. So it will still take some time before I have made my mind up.

And when I do I will post an update ;)

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