New hardware again

On February 04, 2022 in LifeGaming

So for this time it is another upgrade as well. But this time it is up to my keyboard and mouse to be upgraded and replaced by another set.

As I had a windows alternative to a mac keyboard which was a better way to type then my old windows keyboard from Medion and a Sharkoon fireglider as a mouse, the keyboard is now collecting dust for about 2 years, since the start of working from home and the mouse has finally died after about 12 years of service.

So the new replacement is a Rapoo (yes I know chinesium) 9900m keyboard and mouse set.

I am currently testing out this keyboard while typing this blog post and this set sure is a bit more noisy then my previous set, but that is just a little that I need getting used to.

So far I am impressed with the build quality of the entire set and I am looking forward doing lot more with this set.

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