Moving to a foreign country?

Moving to a foreign country?

On November 30, 2022 in Life

So my wife and I have been talking about it for years on end. About where we want to settle and how. A couple of years ago I said, the country in which the little guy is born, is where we will stay.

In the last months, it has become more and more clear that this might not be the case as in Europe most of the schooling opportunities are great just like the other country.

And because the little guy is still rather little he will pick up languages quicker than a sponge. Also in most other countries things are a little more relaxed than in The Netherlands and this might also improve health quite a lot.

Also in the current situation, this is no real motivation for me to stay in The Netherlands except for work, the little guy still didn't make any "real" friends as that is still beyond his comprehension and for family I don't have to remain here as well.

So I might even make concrete steps on immigration.

I will keep you posted.