Another update on aurora

On January 04, 2022 in ServerGaming

As Aurora has been rejuvenated it was about time to make sure that everything in git is also handled correctly.

The following items have been picked up: commitlint: Lint all the commit messages semantic-release: Automate the changelog, packages, and versions Githooks for commitlint Github action for semantic-release

So what happens now? Whenever I make a commit message it is to be formatted into a specific format, this, in turn, makes things a little more specific about what happened in the commit.

After the commit and message are correct and a commit on the master branch is made, the semantic-release will gather all the commits since the last tag and will automatically create or update a changelog for the project, update the version of the project and create a tag and release in GitHub. All of this is of course committed to the repo in turn, automatically.

This makes bookkeeping in the repo a whole lot easier, no more changing versions all by myself, finally.

So I will now get a feeling of how it will function in development as I hope it will improve clarity on what happened and when.

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