Vacation in Italy

This was a great unwind and experiment

This vacation we went by car for a change of pace, which usually is the airplane.

This was also directly an experiment of how we as parents and as a family will react to a long trip as we plan to go to Indonesia next year.

We have learned that the little guy needs to be pampered at about 19:00 as this is also his normal bedtime hour, so we have something to prepare for next year.

Now about the vacation.
Saturday (11-09-2021):
We left by car on a Saturday heading towards our destination for the day in Mulhouse France, in the first time of the trip the little guy slept like a charm and in the other times we gave him his tablet to look at his favorite series and this worked well as long as we stopped at regular intervals.

The hotel in which we stayed was in one word horrible and we will never go there again.

Sunday (12-09-2021):
The sunday started early with a hearty breakfast. We went to cross the border into Swiss and over to Italy, this turned out to be a 12 hours trip, but after our arrival we were happy to be there.

Monday (13-09-2021):
This day we actually planned to go to Florance, however due to some unforseen road work we where forced to change the visit to Florance with a visit to Arezzo, which we planned for wednesday, this was a nice day filled with great pasta and gelato. However we came back home a little too late again.

Thuesday (14-09-2021):
This day we went to Pisa and Lucca, after a long trip we finally arrived in Pisa, we parked the car and went to the Leaning tower of Pisa, this was also directly the only thing worth of mention in Pisa as the rest is boring, after this we went to Lucca and had a blast, unfortunatly we spent too little time here as there was way more too see then in Pisa.

Wednesday (15-09-2021):
This day was actually planned for Arezzo but since we already visited we went to Florance instead, we had a blast and saw a lot of things, made great pictures and had an amazing lunch.

Thursday (16-09-2021):
Unfortunately our last full day in Italy, we went to the hotspring of Cascate del Mulino, this was lovely and we spend a little too mucht time here again, but the water was absolutely awesome, after this we went on our own Gladiator tour and made some pictures of a nice house and the place where the Gladiator scene was made when he was walking home. This scene was made in the vilage of Pienza laying in the lovely place of Val d'Orcia, this will most likely the next place we will visit as its a beautiful place.

Friday (17-09-2021):
Time to go home, we are now set for Bern in Swiss as we will be staying at a childhood friend of my wife, which she hadn't seen in a long time, we arrived on time this time and had a blast, eating genuine sauerkraut from Swiss.

Saturday (18-09-2021):
The last sprint home, we left at a late time of 13:00 as my wife wanted to spend some more time with her friend, which I also encouraged her to do. After another lovely day we went directly home, crossing into France and Belgium straight into The Netherlands heading home, we came home about 21:30, ate, showered and slept.

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Jasper van Rijbroek

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