Perhaps time for a new hobby

Perhaps time for a new hobby

On July 28, 2021 in LifeRecipes

After a couple of more attempts to create Pizza it is turning out better and better. It has even came to the point that I want to do this more often.

Basically saying that it isn't actually that unhealthy or fatty as most of the oil used in pizza is olive oil and the only unhealthy part of the entire pizza is your choice of topping and in our case it is the cheese.

Just a couple of examples to make it more healthy, use chicken together with some vegetables as your topping and use a less fatty cheese.

But I will say one thing, the pizza's will stay on coming and I will show off a couple more in the future.

Anyway, the recipe of my last pizza was:

  • 500gr "00" flour
  • 295ml water
  • 5gr salt
  • 4gr dry instant yeast

It still wasn't perfect but its getting close.