My server after two years

On April 30, 2021 in DockerServer

So it seems like yesterday when I picked this server up from its previous owner. And, it is still working exactly the way I envisioned it.

Today it is running a whopping 22 services in docker and sure there are more on the way. It is upgraded to a RAID 5 with 4x3TB disks all of them Western Digital RED drives so NAS certified and suitable for this kind of work.

The only hickup I had last time was that the network speed was lower than expected, capping at about 12Mbps instead of the 1Gbps that I have available according to the cables.

This gave the issue that when I was downloading a torrent, I couldn't do anything with the server network wise (which was basically everything).

It turned out that I had incorrectly created a cable and this was bottlenecking the entire network, after this issue was dealt with shortly the entire network was way faster again and file transfers where smooth as butter again.

So far for the future there are no hardware upgrades planned for the server and it seems like it works as I actually want it to, with muscles to spare so it will also remain in its current location for the coming years.

By means of software everything will remain in docker and I might add a container here or there but that will be it.

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