My first year at sition

On January 14, 2021 in Life

That was a fast year with a lot of things done and still doing, the year was full of surprises thanks to Covid-19 however with a sliver ligning in the end.

What was the situation when I started (run while you still can).

It started out with people working in all kinds of places most of them directly on staging. Git wasn't really being used and there was almost no structure to projects.

While I love structure, it soon became clear that if I wanted structure I have to make it myself. Semi taking the lead role to setup a nice underlying structure for the work being done.

Jump ahead one year later, we now have local development and git flow being used and almost understood by everyone in the company.

So what will the upcoming year hold? Most likely automated tests or automated deployments. Hopefully both, at least I will be appointed Lead developer, the position I have hunted for since my start here.

The upcoming year will hold a lot of promise with a lot of changes coming this way, both challenging as emotional.