My corona workplace

My corona workplace

On February 08, 2021 in Life

So after trying to fit the baby room in my current "office", we gave up trying because of a calculation error, and we moved the "office".

Before it was located in the curreny baby room under a bed, yes I was working under a bed.

Old office

As you can see, this office was temporary as the cables aren't trimmed. Shortly after this we moved the office in favor of making the old office a baby room (best choice ever).

New office

This is the new office, everything nicely trimmed and cleaned of clutter on the desk.

With a neat setup as well. I can switch audio, keyboard, mouse and video with the help of a KVM (Keyboard, Video and Mouse) switch from the PC to the laptop with a single command.

This means that I can switch whenever I want with minimal trouble as everything gets picked automatically.

Now lets keep focussed and continue working.

See you later!