Introducing Helios

On January 28, 2021 in GamingLife

As I have previously announced I am now working on a new pet project called Helios.

This is a new project I am working on and a physical successor of Aurora, as it takes a lot of lessons learned from Aurora and builds on that. And I mean physical successor as it shares parts of the same basic implementations.

This project is another private game server, but this time based on the discontinued Need for Speed: World game, the reason for this is that it is more legal to do this, as the game is discontinued.

The repo on which I am working on is publically available here, it is almost ready for a public alpha as soon as some small features are released.

Compared to Aurora this server consists out of 2 servers based on the TCP protocol, this is a SOAP and a XMPP server, there are also 2 servers based on the UDP protocol, these will tell who is where at what time.

As in the fashion of Aurora, I will try to make all the servers in NodeJS and publish them as a downloadable repo with an integrated setup.

I will keep you posted as development continues.