Building a WiFi RGB controller

Working on hardware this time

We have had an RGB ledstrip behind the tv stand, this was an IR controlled RGB strip with a very limited set of colors and some simple effects.

As I was planning for a long time to connect this strip to Home Assistant, I have finally found (made) the time for it and ordered a Wemos D1 mini, a ESP8266 based micro controller and fitted this to a power regulator and 3 npn transistors, one for each channel.

I have programmed the controller using ESPHome as this integrates beautifully with Home Assistant.

Here is the result: WhatsApp Image 2021-08-16 at 1.22.53 PM

After about half an hour of soldering and testing it worked, it worked so well that I have even ordered a couple of PCBs in china yes I know about the customs costs, yet it is still way cheaper than somewhere in europe as the complete order for 5 PCBs (minimum qty of 5) was below 5 euros.

They will be here in a couple of weeks and I will post an update.

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