7 years after MH17

7 years after MH17

On October 06, 2021 in Life

First lets start of saing that prayers go out to the family members of all the vicitms. And hoping that the true culprit will be found and justice be done upon him/ her.

Now for our own story:

It has now been 7 years after the MH17 crash, and I think it is about time I did my own story with this flight and about how lucky we where.

As it started out for us as a normal vacation, leaving airport Schiphol (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) on our way to Kuala Lumpur with the flight MH17 about a month before the accident 18th of Mei.

We had a blast in Bali and did almost anything a normal tourist did there.

When we got back about the 7th June, and after about 10 days later we got a surprise that MH17 was shot down, by that time we were really counting our stars and thinking we were lucky as we were also thinking of going a month later. Lucky we didn't do that.