Server update

On May 12, 2020 in Server

Since as long as I have a server it has always have been running a single harddisk, now also since I have my latest server I am very worried about my data security.

So as the newest addition to this server is a RAID card I have added 3 more disks totalling at 4 with a total storage of 9TB.

The RAID has been setup with RAID-5, which basically means that the data is written on 3 disks, and on the last disk a parity file is created, which in case of a crashed/ broken disk the original file can be regenerated using this parity file.

As a nice part of an enterprise RAID controller is the added hardware check if the harddisks are healthy, so now I also have the guarantee that the drives (and data) will be in tip top shape for the coming years.

Now to find a way to sync files from IOS and Android to an SMB share, will also write an update on this later.

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