My second automation

On July 31, 2020 in Smart Home

So for a couple of weeks, I have my second automation running, this time it is the light in the cellar. It is a simple automation, but it really shows you how relaxed life can be.

Even my wife accepted it in an instance really thinking it was an improvement (yeey :D). For me this was also a test of the IKEA tradfri lightbulbs, and they passed the test completely, they really make the zigbee network way stronger, so other items can also communicate faster with the server.

So the next one my wife commanded, should be the toilets, however this will be a challenge as the ceilingof one needs to be removed, and the floor of the attic for the other one.

The idea is that there will be a human body sensor on the toilet, so when someone enters the light will go on and stay on until it is vacant again.

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