Life update

Keeping things up to date

So it has been a while since I let something be heard of me, yes I am still alive. Looking at the current circumstances I hope that it keeps that way with the corona virus...

New employer

For the last couple of months I work at a new employer Sition with a lot of fun and a whole lot more colleagues. Having exciting and broad spanning clients and missions.

Most fun challenge is that we are now introducing Docker for local development.

A start with home automation

In the upcoming months I will be starting with home automation based on ZigBee and Home Assistant I will be posting my findings here on this site.

A new website

Might be that you haven't noticed this but the website has been changed, not too much though. The main feature is that I have now moved to GatsbyJS at the core.

A lot more features will be added such as search and tags/ topics.


Lets not forget my brain child here, not that much has been going on with Aurora as I am now more involved with AdeptGamer or atleast I try to be, working on the new backend.

More updates are coming in this year as I will be having quite a lot more free time (hopefully) than the last years.

So see you soon!!

Jasper van Rijbroek

Jasper van Rijbroek

I am a professional PHP and NodeJS developer, born in Amsterdam, NL and now living on the sunny side of Spain. In Valencia to be exact working full time remote and blogging about everything Spain.

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