First automated room

Babysteps to a smarter home

When I started out on automating my house I was checking various technologies to base this system on, in the end I settled upon Zigbee which is a mesh network, so when device item can't directly communicate with the driver it will run it along another device.
So this means that every powered device is also a repeater of the signals.

So the bathroom is now the first room that has been automated, the fan that removes the moist from the air now starts when it value goes above a threshold, when it goes below it will switch off.

Bathroom view

This is actually rather funny to start showering and then all of a sudden the fan will start running.

Still one temporary downside is that when the fan is running (which also repeater) is that the repeated signal almost stops but this will be resolved when adding more devices to the network.

Next step

The next step will be the living room for the lighting. Might add an automation rule to turn off the lights when watching a movie, and turning it back on when the movie is paused or stopped.

Will post an update when the rest of the hardware arrives!

Jasper van Rijbroek

Jasper van Rijbroek

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