Change of plans

We need to adjust our home automation plans

So after receiving a potentially defective smart switch and issues about the aesthetics of the new automation devices I have decided that I will continue with the smart lights of Ikea.

The old smart switch which I had decided on before will be ditched as this also makes a heavy clicking sound which I don't like. And after a disassembly I found out that it doesn't have an antenna, which was the initial issue.

However, there is a small thing to keep in mind, that is that the lights of the Ikea do require a constant supply of 230V(olts) which might be a little strange when changing a light bulb, but then again how much does that happen a year. In my 7 years in this house I had to change a light bulb twice.

At the end of this month my new smart switch will be delivered, and I will go to Ikea to retrieve a couple of Tradfi light bulbs, and then I will try to set it up again, but this time a little more aesthetically pleasing for my wife.

When this is done I will post some more pictures with the first test scenarios and how the wife responds to them.

Jasper van Rijbroek

Jasper van Rijbroek

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