Japan: We were here

Our first vacation in a long time

So for this (past) vacation we have chosen Tokyo, Japan.
More specifically Kasai just outside of the center of Tokyo.

What a vacation this was, amazing, simply amazing.

We set out to get a culture shock and cultural experience, we found a cultural and culinary experience, but in my experience the cultural was better.

Both my wife and I didn't really get a culture shock as we prepared quite a lot for this vacation, but still an impressive country, however the vacation didn't had a flying start when we landed.

After we landed we quickly found ourselves into an even more bureaucratic situation then The Netherlands, everything was to be documented, also the customs office was even more crowded than on Bali (I thought this to be impossible), but very thorough and every document was inspected to every detail.

After that passed we quickly found our suitcases and had to fill in even more documentation, then off to the hotel, Hotel Lumiere Kasai at Kasai metro station, took us an hour by bus.

After settling in and sleeping on night and the day after we were fresh to go out, after a stop at the 7-11, We went to Tokyo center, Sensō-Ji, Akihabara and imperial palace.

The most impressive place was Akiba (short for akihabara) the anime, maid cafes and a lot of electric stuff, everything you might have ever needed, hence the name electric town, been here in total of 5 times in 2 weeks (oops).

However Shibuya crossing was a little disappointing as we thought it to be way bigger, (thanks to Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift) well drifting was a thing there in Tokyo, seen a little to much quickly followed by police (lol).

But after two weeks of staying with these friendly people and doing a lot of things, we will come back again but then on the other end of Japan, next time will be Osaka, the more traditional end of Japan.

Jasper van Rijbroek

Jasper van Rijbroek

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