Docker all the things

On October 15, 2019 in DockerServer

Since a few weeks I am working with docker it seems to make more and more sense to me.

So about the server I recently installed it is now running docker-compose next to docker. yes I like the configuration much more than typing all the commands again and again.

For my next trick I am going to dockerize my dev server which recently became a bot in a DDoS attack sign...

The idea behind it that every project will get its own docker-compose file for development and that all the things will be managed in there so I don't need to build a dockerfile every time I deploy something.

Also when one of the containers is doing something funky I can just kill, remove and restart the container and all funky things are gone (yeey).

Soon to have another writeup about my findings with multiple different projects like WordPress, Laravel and others.

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