What to do

What to do

On June 23, 2018 in Life

Hello again, it has been some time I let something of me being heared.

Since a long time ago I was having ideas about my own company,
I did have it for some time but due to inexperience I quit the company.

Now since a few weeks I have been having more and more thaughts about it again,
not that I don't like it at my office, I love it at work no really I really love my job and the people at the office.

The real reason for my own company is the freedom, the possibilities that then present themselves and the reason number one, the personal challanges.

However even the challanges make it even more intresting, and I am really leaning toward starting my own company again, but the main question remains is when…

When this question is answered it will be mentioned on this website (maybe even a complete redesign).