Building a game server

On January 24, 2017 in GamingServer

Its been some time since I let something of me being heard.
This is mainly because I spend my time programming for Raddish and Aurora.

Raddish is a long standing project of a few years already in which I am trying to create a beautiful, fast and intuitive framework within node.js.

However since a few weeks before the start of 2017 I started a second project. This time a private server of the game Mabinogi.

This is a huge challenge however the personal reward is huge at the same time and just like Raddish it is a completely new system. However the context is completely different than Raddish and thus also the way of thinking.

For the following time I will be building a lot of things for this server, and making it into something nice.

If you like to follow my progress see here. However there might be a chance in the future that this repo is being given a private tag, because another server which I know of get a cease and desist and a DCMA.

We will see what the future holds.

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